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Family Law

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We represent married persons in divorce or dissolution proceedings, including:
  • Divorce without Children
  • Divorce with Children
  • High Asset Divorce
  • Low Asset Divorce
  • Uncontested Divorce
  • Contested Divorce
  • Amicable Divorce
  • Dissolution
  • Legal Separation
  • Agreed Divorce

Child Custody and Visitation

Child Custody and Visitation is referred to as Parental Rights and Responsibilities. Custody orders can be designed and tailored to your family’s situation and needs. Custody orders can designate a sole legal custodian and parent (aka sole custody, or just custody) or they can establish shared parenting (aka shared custody). Such orders also address the health insurance and health care needs of the minor child(ren), tax dependency exemptions, child support, the costs of education and extracurricular activities, living arrangements, school-placement, etc. Please contact our attorneys today to discuss your options in designing custody orders for your child(ren). Ultimately, all child custody orders must be designed to serve the best interests of the minor child(ren), whether decided by a court or created by agreement of the parents.

We represent clients in various types of cases involving Parenting Rights and Responsibilities, including
  • Child Custody:
o Sole Custody or Legal Custody
o Shared Parenting including Shared Parenting Decrees and Shared Parenting Plans that determine Residential Parents, School Placement Parentings, and Visitation Schedules
  • Establishing Paternity
  • Disestablishing Paternity
  • DNA Tests or Genetic Testing
  • Unmarried Custody Cases
  • Grandparent Custody or Grandparent Visitation

Child Support

Child Support is administered by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services through its county Child Support Enforcement Agencies. The ODJFS and its CSEA offices have administrative power to determine and require and child support from parents of minor or incompetent children. However, child support can also be pursued, challenged, modified, or terminated through the courts. We represent clients in the following kinds of child support cases:
  • Child Support Enforcement Agency proceedings, objections, and appeals
  • Child Support Cases
  • Child Support Termination
  • Child Support Modification or Child Support Deviation
  • Child Support Arrears Determinations, Modifications, or Terminations
Calculating child support is determined by statute and is very complex. It is important to speak with an attorney about the particular circumstances of your case, income, expenses, custody arrangement(s), and/or public assistance in order to determine what to expect from the Child Support Enforcement Agency. 

Post-Decree Matters and Appeals

Post-Decree Matters are cases that involve enforcing, modifying, terminating, or reallocating the rights and responsibilities set forth by Divorce Decrees, Entries, Judgments, Shared Parenting Decrees and Shared Parenting Plans, etc. Post-Decree Matters can include the following kinds of cases:
  • Contempt or Contempt of Court
  • Modification of Parenting Rights and Responsibilities
o Aka Modification of Custody
o Aka Change in Custody
o Note: Typically requires proof of a Change in Circumstances 
  • Termination of Shared Parenting
  • Termination of Shared Parenting Plan
  • Modification of Shared Parenting Plan
  • Reallocation of Parental Rights and Responsibilities
  • Relief from Judgment (Civil Rule 60(A) or Civil Rule 60(B))
  • Post-Decree Modifications 
  • Appeals (must be made within thirty (30) days after the Final Appealable Order was issued by the Court).

Objections to the Magistrate’s Decision and Motions to Set Aside a Magistrate’s Decision

Domestic and Juvenile Court Magistrates are empowered to hear certain matters and cases under the Ohio Civil Rules. However, if a Magistrate’s Orders or Magistrate’s Decision are improper, then you may appeal to the Judge to have the Orders set aside or the Decision vacated, modified, or remanded. It is important to speak with any attorney to evaluate your options before the deadline runs out. 

In Ohio, you have seven (7) days to motion to the court to set aside a Magistrate’s Order, and ten (10) days to file Objections. Motions to set aside and filing Objections are complex matters that are best handled by an attorney. Our attorneys represent clients in such proceedings and will speak with you about your case.

Mother’s Rights

Ohio has what is called the “unmarried mother statute.” Under Ohio law, and unmarried mother is presumed to be the legal parent and legal custodian of her natural children. It is important to speak with an attorney to ensure that your rights remain protected and to evaluate your legal options regarding your child.

Father’s Rights

As described above, in the <<Mother’s Rights>> section, unmarried Fathers do not have presumed rights to their biological children. In order to establish a parent-child, or father-child, relationship, a Father must motion a Court to do so. It is not sufficient that a Father signed the birth certificate. It is not sufficient that the Father has registered with the Ohio Central Paternity Registry ( However, proof of one or both is helpful in establishing your rights through the courts. 
It is important to be proactive in establishing your rights as a father. You should speak with an attorney about the potential of having a child support obligation ordered for you. There are circumstances where the Child Support Enforcement Agency may issue a child support order against you even if the birth mother has not asked for one. It is important to speak with an attorney to establish your father’s rights (aka paternal rights, parental rights) and to evaluate your legal options regarding your child.

Grandparent’s Rights

In most Ohio counties, Grandparents can petition the court to obtain visitation rights to their grandchildren. It is important to speak with an attorney to ensure that your rights remain protected and to evaluate your legal options regarding your grandchild(ren).

Companionship Rights

In most Ohio counties, non-blood-related persons can petition the court to obtain companionship rights, aka visitation rights, with respect to a child, or children, with whom they have developed a parent-child relationship. Typically, this applies to step-parents who have developed a parent-child relationship with their partner or spouse’s children, but never formally adopted them. It is important to speak with an attorney to ensure that your rights remain protected and to evaluate your legal options regarding the children you consider to be your own.

Prenuptial Agreements

Prenuptial Agreements are enforceable in Ohio in both the Domestic Relations and Probate Courts. Prenuptial Agreements are agreements that two people enter into prior to marriage to one another that specify the division of assets, property, retirement accounts, and income upon the termination of marriage. Prenuptial Agreements can be tailored to your specific needs and can address what to do if your marriage ends by legal termination or if your marriage ends as a result of death. Prenuptial Agreements are contracts that are applied to Domestic Relations proceedings and Probate proceedings. 

Due to the complexity of entering into a potentially life-long contract that touches on all of your assets, all of your income, all of your property, your marriage, and your death … it is crucial that you speak with an attorney before creating or signing a Prenuptial Agreement. 

Geographic Areas of Practice

Ohio Courts have jurisdiction to proceed on cases under Domestic Relations Law, Family Law, and Juvenile Law. In Ohio, Domestic Relations Courts and Juvenile Courts have geographic jurisdiction over persons on a county-by-county basis. Our firm is available to practice in any of the following Ohio Count courts:
County County seat
Adams County, Ohio Adams County, Ohio
Allen County, Ohio Lima, Ohio
Ashland County, Ohio Ashland, Ohio
Ashtabula County, Ohio Jefferson, Ohio
Athens County, Ohio Athens, Ohio
Auglaize County, Ohio Wapakoneta, Ohio
Belmont County, Ohio St. Clairsville
Brown County, Ohio Georgetown, Ohio
Butler County, Ohio Hamilton, Ohio
Carroll County, Ohio Carrollton, Ohio
Champaign County, Ohio Urbana, Ohio
Clark County, Ohio Springfield, Ohio
Clermont County, Ohio Batavia, Ohio
Clinton County, Ohio Wilmington, Ohio
Columbiana County, Ohio Lisbon, Ohio
Coshocton County, Ohio Coshocton, Ohio
Crawford County, Ohio Bucyrus, Ohio
Cuyahoga County, Ohio Cleveland, Ohio
Darke County, Ohio Greenville, Ohio
Defiance County, Ohio Defiance, Ohio
Delaware County, Ohio Delaware, Ohio
Erie County, Ohio Sandusky, Ohio
Fairfield County, Ohio Lancaster, Ohio
Fayette County, Ohio Washington Court House, Ohio
Franklin County, Ohio Columbus, Ohio
Fulton County, Ohio Wauseon, Ohio
Gallia County, Ohio Gallipolis, Ohio
Geauga County, Ohio Chardon, Ohio
Greene County, Ohio Xenia, Ohio
Guernsey County, Ohio Cambridge, Ohio
Hamilton County, Ohio Cincinnati, Ohio
Hancock County, Ohio Findlay, Ohio
Hardin County, Ohio Kenton, Ohio
Harrison County, Ohio Cadiz, Ohio
Henry County, Ohio Napoleon, Ohio
Highland County, Ohio Hillsboro, Ohio
Hocking County, Ohio Logan, Ohio
Holmes County, Ohio Millersburg, Ohio
Huron County, Ohio Norwalk, Ohio
Jackson County, Ohio Jackson, Ohio
Jefferson County, Ohio Steubenville, Ohio
Knox County, Ohio Mount Vernon, Ohio
Lake County, Ohio Painesville, Ohio
Lawrence County, Ohio Ironton, Ohio
Licking County, Ohio Newark, Ohio
Logan County, Ohio Bellefontaine, Ohio
Lorain County, Ohio Elyria, Ohio
Lucas County, Ohio Toledo, Ohio
Madison County, Ohio London, Ohio
Mahoning County, Ohio Youngstown, Ohio
Marion County, Ohio Marion, Ohio
Medina County, Ohio Medina, Ohio
Meigs County, Ohio Pomeroy, Ohio
Mercer County, Ohio Celina, Ohio
Miami County, Ohio Troy, Ohio
Monroe County, Ohio Woodsfield, Ohio
Montgomery County, Ohio Dayton, Ohio
Morgan County, Ohio McConnelsville, Ohio
Morrow County, Ohio Mount Gilead, Ohio
Muskingum County, Ohio Zanesville, Ohio
Noble County, Ohio Caldwell, Ohio
Ottawa County, Ohio Port Clinton, Ohio
Paulding County, Ohio Paulding, Ohio
Perry County, Ohio New Lexington, Ohio
Pickaway County, Ohio Circleville, Ohio
Pike County, Ohio Waverly, Ohio
Portage County, Ohio Ravenna, Ohio
Preble County, Ohio Eaton, Ohio
Putnam County, Ohio Ottawa, Ohio
Richland County, Ohio Mansfield, Ohio
Ross County, Ohio Chillicothe, Ohio
Sandusky County, Ohio Fremont, Ohio
Scioto County, Ohio Portsmouth, Ohio
Seneca County, Ohio Tiffin, Ohio
Shelby County, Ohio Sidney, Ohio
Stark County, Ohio Canton, Ohio
Summit County, Ohio Akron, Ohio
Trumbull County, Ohio Warren, Ohio
Tuscarawas County, Ohio New Philadelphia, Ohio
Union County, Ohio Marysville, Ohio
Van Wert County, Ohio Van Wert, Ohio
Vinton County, Ohio McArthur, Ohio
Warren County, Ohio Lebanon, Ohio
Washington County, Ohio Marietta, Ohio
Wayne County, Ohio Wooster, Ohio
Williams County, Ohio Bryan, Ohio
Wood County, Ohio Bowling Green, Ohio

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