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Civil & Criminal Law

Civil & Criminal Law

Criminal Defense 

Our firm practices Criminal Defense. Please call today to schedule an initial consultation or to assess your legal options if you are facing charges for a criminal offense. It is also important to speak with an attorney to discuss the civil impact of a criminal charge or conviction in Ohio because a criminal conviction can have far reaching effects beyond imprisonment or fines.

Civil Law

Our firm is equipped to represent you in civil suits. Our attorneys represent clients in the following types of cases:
  • Negligence 
  • Assault and Battery 
  • Infliction of Emotion Distress 
  • Trespassing 
  • Property Damage or Trespass to Chattels 
  • Theft or Conversion 
  • Civil Rights Violations 
  • Please contact our attorneys for a full list of practice areas.

Wiretapping Lawsuits

Our firm has particular experience in civil suits arising out of violations of the Federal Wiretapping Act. Please contact our firm today to have your case evaluated and to see whether you can sue for illegal wiretapping.

Probate Law 

Probate Courts hear cases related to estates, wills, intestate succession, guardianships, etc. Our attorneys represent clients in the following types of cases:
Cases involving Guardianship (our attorneys will also serve as a Guardian of the Person or a Guardian of the Estate)
Wills or Trusts
  • Power of Attorney
o Durable Financial Power of Attorney
o Power of Attorney Regarding Medical Decisions
  • Ohio Living Wills
  • Estates and Intestate Succession
  • Please contact our attorneys to discuss your estate planning options today.

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